Bodoland Lottery Result 2023 Today, Bodoland Lottery Result Time at 12 PM 3 PM 07 PM

Bodoland lottery Result 2023 Today, Check Live Assam State Lottery Bodoland State Lottery Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer, Thangam Nallaneram, Kumaran Vishnu, Swarnalaxmi, Mani, Lion, Vairam Result at 12 PM, 03 PM & 07 PM.

Bodoland lottery has been recognized by the Government of Assam and you can buy different types of tickets for this lottery for just Rs. You can win amounts up to one lakh. It is mandatory for the person who participates in this lottery process to buy this ticket, only after that, you will be able to see your ticket number in Bodoland lottery Result 2023. The resulting time of this lottery is 12 o’clock to 3 o’clock every day, which you can also see and download on our website. Generally, this result can be downloaded from the official website of the Bodoland lottery. For complete information about this lottery, you can read our article till the end.

Bodoland Lottery Result 2023 Today

There are only a few states in India where you can legally buy a lottery and participate in the drawing process. Bodoland lottery is run by the Government of Assam and the amount is also distributed by it. You can get the winning amount from the lottery office of your district. Bodoland Lottery Result 2023 Today is a daily process for which new lottery tickets are issued daily by the department and their value is only Rs.02. If you want to try your luck and win a prize of up to one lakh per day then you should buy this lottery ticket.

Note – Our purpose in sharing this information with you is only and only to give you information about the Bodoland lottery result. We do not exercise any legal right related to this lottery. You participate in this lottery only at your own risk.

Bodoland Lottery Result

Lottery name Assam State Lottery or Bodoland State Lottery
Place name Assam
Type of lottery Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer, Thangam Nallaneram, Kumaran Vishnu, Swarnalaxmi, Mani, Lion, Vairam
Lottery day Monday to Sunday
Highest award one lakh rupees
Minimum award ₹ 50
Bodoland Lottery Result 2023 Today 12 PM, 03 PM & 07 PM
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Types of Bodoland Lottery Result 2023

There are mainly 08 types of Bodoland lottery which are divided according to a different amount. In these lotteries, you can also win the first prize from 50000 to 100000. If you are not able to win the first prize, then the department has also included the scheme of giving consolation prizes. The consolation prize winners can get tickets up to Rs 50, 100, and Rs 200.

Singam Kuil Lottery Result 2023

Singam Kuil Lottery Result 2023  is published daily under different names whose details are given below. This lottery is published under the names of Yellow, Green, Red, Violet, Orange, White, and Blue on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday respectively.

In this lottery, the first prize is ₹ 100000, which is given to only 01 person, and the second prize is ₹ 7000, which is also given to only one person. 3500 rupees are given to 10 people in the third prize. In the fourth and fifth prizes also, 10-10 persons will be given ₹ 200 and ₹ 100 respectively in the award. After this, 100 people will be given the sixth prize which will be ₹ 50.

In Singam Kuil, both Singam, and Kuil will be separate series and the above rewards will also be given equally to both. There will be separate tickets for Singam and Kuil series. You can check Singam Kuil Lottery Result 2023  according to your ticket number daily.

  • Monday – Singam Kuil Yellow Lottery Result
  • Tuesday – Singam Kuil Green Lottery Result
  • Wednesday – Singam Kuil Red Lottery Result
  • Thursday – Singam Kuil Violet Lottery Result
  • Friday – Singam Kuil Orange Lottery Result
  • Saturday – Singam Kuil White Lottery Result
  • Sunday – Singam Kuil Blue Lottery Result

Rosa Deer Lottery Result 2023

It is mandatory for any person who has Rosa Deer Lottery Result to buy two rupees. In this lottery also one lakh rupees can be won as a prize. This lottery is published daily under different names and different results are declared for both Rosa and Deer series.

In this lottery also the first prize is ₹ 100000, which is given to only 01 person, the second prize is ₹ 7000, which is also given to only one person. 3500 rupees are given to 10 persons in the third prize. In the fourth and fifth prizes also, 10-10 persons will be given ₹ 200 and ₹ 100 respectively in the award. After this, 100 persons will be given the sixth prize which will be of ₹ 50.

You can use your ticket number and series name to download Rosa Deer Lottery Result 2023. This result is declared daily and the participant will get his winning money from the lottery office of the district.

  • Monday – Rosa Deer Royal Lottery Result
  • Tuesday – Rosa Deer Super Lottery Result
  • Wednesday – Rosa Deer Pearl Lottery Result
  • Thursday – Rosa Deer Platinum Lottery Result
  • Friday – Rosa Deer Gold Lottery Result
  • Saturday – Rosa Deer Diamond Lottery Result
  • Sunday – Rosa Deer Silver Lottery Result

Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Result 2023

Any person who has bought a ticket for the Thangam Nallaneram Lottery, then he has a doubt that he has not won the first prize and he checks online to see it. For this, let us tell you a simple one, which we have described in the article below. 

This lottery is also of two series and prizes will be distributed in the same way as the above two lotteries. All you have to do is to match your lottery number with the winning numbers and if your number is included in the numbers given in Thangam Nallaneram Lottery Result then congratulations you have won the lottery.

  • Monday – Thangam Nallaneram Luck Lottery Result
  • Tuesday – Thangam Nallaneram Chance Lottery Result
  • Wednesday – Thangam Nallaneram Pearl Lottery Result
  • Thursday – Thangam Nallaneram Game Lottery Result
  • Friday – Thangam Nallaneram Charm Lottery Result
  • Saturday – Thangam Nallaneram Skill Lottery Result
  • Sunday – Thangam Nallaneram Effort Lottery Result

Kumaran Vishnu Lottery Result 2023

This lottery also gives you a chance to win a significant amount of money. Kumaran Vishnu Lottery Result  is released every day at 03 PM and you can check online after 10 to 15 minutes and know how much money you have won in this lottery draw. 

In this lottery, a total of 132 people get prizes of different amounts. The first and second place lotter numbers are given ₹50000 and ₹7000 respectively. After this, the lottery numbers 10-10 coming in third, fourth and fifth place are given ₹ 3500, ₹ 200 and ₹ 100 respectively and finally 100 people who come in sixth place will be given ₹ 50 each. . 

  • Monday – Kumaran Vishnu Sun Lottery Result
  • Tuesday – Kumaran Vishnu Moon Lottery Result
  • Wednesday – Kumaran Vishnu Star Lottery Result
  • Thursday – Kumaran Vishnu Fire Lottery Result
  • Friday – Kumaran Vishnu Storm Lottery Result
  • Saturday – Kumaran Vishnu Wave Lottery Result
  • Sunday – Kumaran Vishnu Thunder Lottery Result

Swarnalaxmi Lottery Result 2023

The Swarnalaxmi Lottery has only one series and the lottery runs 7 days a week and you can win up to ₹ 50000 per day. Swarnalaxmi Lottery Result 2023  is also released to Shyam at 03 PM and it may take 15-20 minutes to release the result online, so we request you to keep calm. 

  • Monday – Swarnalaxmi Pearl Lottery Result
  • Tuesday – Swarnalaxmi Coral Lottery Result
  • Wednesday – Swarnalaxmi Emerald Lottery Result
  • Thursday – Swarnalaxmi Silver Lottery Result
  • Friday – Swarnalaxmi Diamond Lottery Result
  • Saturday – Swarnalaxmi Gold Lottery Result
  • Sunday – Swarnalaxmi Ruby Lottery Result

Lion, Vairam, Mani Lottery Result 2023

Mani, Lion, Vairam Lottery Series Result in Assam Lottery is released daily at 03 PM. In this, you can win an amount of ₹ 50000. You can also see Mani, Lion, and Vairam Lottery Result 2023 with the help of the links given on our website. 

  • 1st Prize – ₹50000 (One Person)
  • 2nd Prize – ₹7000 (one person)
  • 3rd Prize – ₹3500 (Ten Persons)
  • 4th Prize – ₹100 (Ninety Persons)

How to check Bodoland Lottery Result 2023

If you want to check Bodoland lottery Result 2023  then you can follow the steps given below. Along with this, we have also added the results declared in the previous days in this section in which you can see and download the result for the last week.

To check Bodoland lottery result 2023, you will need your lottery name, series name, and a lottery ticket number. In addition, you can download the lottery result PDF and check your ticket number whether it has been included in it or not.

  • First of all, you have to open the official website of the Bodoland lottery
  • After that, you will get the link to the Result section on the main page of the website itself.
  • After this, you have to choose the date, time, and document type of the lottery on the Assam Lottery Result 2023 page.
  • Then that document will be downloaded to you.
  • After downloading you have to lose it and match the number on your ticket with the winning numbers given in it.
  • Along with this, also check that your number has been selected for the prize of which place in the lottery because accordingly the amount will be distributed to you.
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Bodoland State Lottery Result 2023 – FAQs

Bodoland lottery Result 2022 को कब जारी किया जाता है?

Bodoland lottery Result 2022 को प्रतिदिन 12 बजे 3 बजे 07 बजे जारी किया जाता है।

क्या बोडोलैंड लाटरी कानूनी सही है ?

बोडोलैंड लाटरी को Assam Lottery Regulation Act 13111 के अंतर्गत कानूनी किया गया है।

बोडोलैंड लाटरी में अधिकतम कितनी धनराशि हम जीत सकते हैं?

बोडोलैंड लाटरी में अधिकतम लाटरी सीरीज में एक लाख तक की धनराशि आप जीत सकते है और कुछ लाटरी सीरीज में अधिकतम राशि पचास हजार रुपये है।

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