Kawad Yatra Registration 2023 Kawad Mela Dates, Rules at policecitizenportal.uk.gov.in

Kawad Yatra Registration 2023 Kawad Yatra Route Kavad Yatra Dates Kawad Yatra Rules at policecitizenportal.uk.gov.in/Kavad.

Today marks the beginning of the holy month of Shravan, which is also the time when a large number of Kavadis will go from Haridwar to gather water from the Ganges. As a result of this, the administration has established a whole new plan. It is widely known among all of you that the Kavad Yatra has not been held in the intervening two years.

Because of Covid, the Kavad Yatra has not been performed for the last two years. Although it is possible that a great number of people from UP traveled there, the Kawad Yatra remained inaccessible for a period of two years. The Kavad Yatra is being organized once again after an absence of two years.

Kawad Registration 2023

The Kavad Yatra is scheduled to take place between the dates of July 01 to July 15. This time, it is anticipated that more than 4 crores Kawadiyas would come, and in light of this fact, the government has enacted certain new measures to ensure their safety.

You will need to make online registration for the Kavad event if you want to attend and participate in it. Following the same steps, you will learn how to submit your application for Kawad Yatra Registration online. What are the potential real benefits of engaging in this activity?

Kawad Yatra Registration

Name of Event Kawad Yatra
Date of Event July 01 to July 15
Objective of Kawad Registration to get information about Kawad Pilgrims
States Involved Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Haryana, etc.
Mode of Registration Online
is Kawad Yatra Registration Mandatory No, but if it is done then it will help the police to assist him in a state of emergency
Official Web Portal policecitizenportal.uk.gov.in/Kavad

Benefits of Online Kawad Yatra Registration 2023

If there is a problem with you along the journey, then you will get the benefit of whatever solution is necessary straight along the path. Therefore, you may submit your application for this online while you are at home. Online registration of passengers is being done since, with its assistance, they would be able to supply any sort of convenience and aid in identifying the devotees in the event of an accident.

  • Registration arrangements have been arranged in order to be as convenient as possible for Kavadis.
  • You won’t have to pay anything to get your name included to the Kavad Yatra participant list.
  • There will be a total of 10,000 officers on duty. The members of the police force have been given the directive to interact with the Kawadis in a manner that is courteous and controlled.
  • During the Kavad Yatra, butcher shops and liquor stores will be closed.
  • In addition to this, the facility of Kawadis will be taken care of.

Kawad Yatra Online Registration Process

It is important for passengers of Kavad to register themselves online in order to get the security facility. This will allow the police officers to come to you as quickly as possible. The steps involved in the online procedure are as follows:

  • On the official website for the Kawad Yatra, pilgrims have the option to register themselves using their mobile phones in order to complete the registration process.
  • To begin, the homepage of this website will load, and you will need to input your mobile number into the space provided there.
  • Once this is complete, an OTP will be sent to your phone.
  • After that, a new page will load into which you must manually enter all of your information.
  • Register by first entering the essential information, which includes your name, the name of your father, your address, the name of the local police station, an emergency contact number, your email address, and lastly the captcha code.
  • Your Kawad Yatra Registration will be done if you proceed in this manner.
Kawad Registration Portal Register Here
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