Shillong Teer Result Today 2023 Meghalaya TEER First Round, Second Round Numbers

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There is a Lottery Scheme administered by the Meghalaya Government, in which many people wager on a number and then check the results to see whether they won or lost. The winners of the Shillong and Juwai TEER results may now check their Winning Numbers on this website to see how much money they will get as a reward. The Shillong TEER Result Today is here, and you may check it to see whether it’s your lucky day or not.

Every day, the majority of players win this lottery, which is exclusively open to residents of Meghalaya who play at authorized counters. It’s possible to get information like Shillong TEER Hit Number and other results in this article. Your award may be claimed at your local counter if your number matches the Meghalaya TEER Result Number.

Shillong Teer Result – 14 August
First Round (04:30 PM) Second Round (05:30 PM)
Shillong Morning Teer Result Today
F/R (10.30 AM) S/R (11.30 AM)


Shillong Teer Result Today

This page will be updated on 14 August 2023, at 4:00 PM and 5:00 PM local time to reflect the announcement of the Shillong TEER Result for Round 1 and Round 2, respectively. This article has the results for both rounds, so you may check to see whether your number is listed and collect your reward if it is. The results of rounds one and two may be seen at, where you can also collect your prize from local sellers. You may collect your reward from any place or from the vendor you visited to purchase a ticket since the Result is distributed in a centralized manner.

Shillong TEER Result

Name of Lottery Shillong Teer or Meghalaya Teer or Juwai Teer
Category Lottery Game
State Meghalaya
Ticket Price ₹300/- to ₹500
Reward ₹8,000 to ₹11,000
Shillong TEER Result Release Mode Online
Today’s Date 14 August 2023
Event Location Polo Ground
Authorized by Meghalaya State Govt
TEER Result Timing Varies as per the club’s time

About Shillong Teer

This game is played on a daily basis for a total of six days each week, and each day consists of two separate rounds of play. Each round consists of 50 archers taking their best shot at a target that is positioned 50 yards away and shooting 30 arrows.

After each round has been completed, the number of arrows that successfully strike the target is tallied, and the overall scores for each round are then disclosed.

After the target has been struck, just the last two numbers of the total number of arrows that hit the target are counted. The end outcome will be the number 25 if 225 arrows are successful in penetrating the target.

In order to offer you the Shillong Teer Result for both the first and second rounds, our squad has given its whole commitment to this task.

As a consequence of the fact that these results are published on a daily basis, you will be able to locate the Shillong Teer Result Today 2022 on our website. Keep up with us and keep checking this page to receive the most recent and accurate results of the Shillong Teer today and every day.

Shillong TEER Previous Result 2023

The Archer Game serves as the inspiration for the lottery known as the Shillong Teer. The Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association is the one in charge of putting it on. The organization is made up of somewhere about 12 different clubs. Sundays are excluded from days on which the Shillong Teer Lottery could be played.

The archery competition will take place at Polo Ground in Shillong. Tickets for the Shillong Teer may be bought at over 5,000 different counters spread throughout Meghalaya’s 11 districts. At ten in the morning (from Monday to Saturday), tickets are put up for sale. The results of the Shillong TEER from previous days are shown in the following table.

Date First Round Second Round
14 August 2023
13 August 2023 Sunday Sunday
12 August 2023 28 43
11 August 2023 42 43
10 August 2023 23 39
09 August 2023 Sunday Sunday
08 August 2023 87 28
07 August 2023 70 64
05 August 2023 07 64
04 August 2023 18 44
03 August 2023 10 46
02 August 2023 34 25
01 August 2023 75 19

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