Women IPL Schedule 2023, Team Names, Team Owners and Player Names

Women IPL 2023 Schedule, WIPL Team Names, Women IPL Player Names, Women IPL Auction Schedule, Names of WIPL Team Owners.

This year, the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) will hold a women’s version of the Indian Premier League (IPL), which is similar to the men’s version. The preparations have begun, and the board has inquired with the Men’s Frenchies about taking ownership of both the men’s and women’s teams.

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) is expecting a big financial benefit as a result of the fact that over 30 different businesses are competing for the privilege to acquire a franchise in the Women’s Indian Premier League (WIPL) during its first season.

The Women’s Indian Premier League will have five teams, and all ten of the existing IPL franchises as well as other interested organizations will compete to buy those teams. Firms such as Haldiram, Infosys, Shriram Group, Manchester United, Adanis, and other current IPL franchise owners are among the companies that have expressed interest in participating.

Women’s IPL 2023 Schedule

Women IPL Schedule, Teams, Players

After the teams have been selected, the locations of their respective home grounds and matches will be announced. Because it is expected that there will be five teams competing in the event, we anticipate that there will be at least ten match venues spread across the country.

The full schedule, including match times and locations, will be posted on this page. It is believed that the Women IPL Schedule will be released very soon and a table will be prepared for the same too as it is done for the Men IPL.

Women IPL Team Names, Owner Names

The names of the competing teams have not yet been disclosed. According to the sources, the five teams will be divided into zones, and their names will be announced as soon as possible after that.

We have been paying very close attention to the procedure. Soon, we will share the most recent information regarding the names of the teams, their owners, and their players.

  • Ahmedabad – Adani (Rs 1289 Cr)
  • Mumbai – Reliance (MI) – Rs 912 Cr
  • Bangalore – Diageo (RCB) – 901 Cr
  • Lucknow – Capri Global – 757 Cr
  • Delhi – DC franchise – 810 Cr

Women IPL Auction Dates, Player Names

Once all of the details have been sorted out, the BCCI will begin the process of registering players from all over the world. In contrast to the men’s tournament, the women’s competition allows each team to field up to five players from outside the country, with the fifth player coming from an ICC associate nation.

The procedure for registering Players is going to most likely take place during the next week. By the end of this weekend, the ownership of the teams should be established.

After that, the auction of the players will begin in accordance with the BCCI’s regulations. This page will be updated with any new information as soon as it becomes available.

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